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Relays.osirusoft.com has not had valid data in well over a year, but people insist on using the data. Please contact the ISPs blocking your mail and ask them to STOP using relays.osirusoft.com to filter email.
The reason for this downtime can be summed up in the following brief statements.

  • foonet ddos'd the hell out of osirusoft's servers
  • I needed to preserve my business, and get people off of my company's network, ASAP
  • I have a life, and in the near future, a wife to go with it.
The most common question is why does everything report The answer is simple. My networks are being hit by this request at an enormous rate, simply for running my company domain, OsiruSoft.com. No response means that the problem gets ignored. My company has suffered enough, and it's time to move onward and upward.
Some of the tools that were in use to help others are still online, and will continue to be, simply because they're useful. If your mail is being blocked because someone is referencing relays.osirusoft.com, please let them know they are shooting themselves in the foot, with an uzi.

To add insult to injury, Pallorium, Inc has elected to sue me, of which all case information is available, here.

Tools These tools are outdated, but are being brought up to date with the aftermath of the DDOS Mafia attacks against my site and others.
  • Rbcheck can be used to check your system against a multitude of lists, and provide links where possible to reference the listing system.
  • Address Block can be used to provide information about a domain or IP address.


This situation has to be changed!

The Internet is full of success stories regarding the dark side of the situation:
in nowadays the spammers reached an extent when they manage to force those sites to break down which is unwilling for them to work. We would like to introduce new methods that prevent e-mail addresses getting on spam lists and beside this our methods eliminate and make the attackers zombies unuseable.

... So you are currently on the web interface of our system!

Have a nice day!

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